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Tania Wiki-Kum, the pretty 19 year old Cypriot girl who already holds the Hairiest Vagina In the World Award, walked off last night with the far more prestigious 'World's Tightest Vagina' Trophy.

Wiki-Kum beat a hundred other hopefuls in the 3-Day event that has held crowds in spell-bound rapture at London's Royal Albert Hall.

Wiki-Kum owes the tightness of her vagina to a stroke of luck at birth coupled with severe restrictions she imposes on the way it's used. Boyfriends are selected exclusively from those with only the tiniest penis.

And strict time limits are placed on the final act of love-making.

"As an Olympic Tight Vagina athlete, I have always taken my training very seriously", she declared after the result.

In an interview with Barry O’Brien, the man with the World's Largest Penis, Wiki-Kum observed that she'd never consider getting intimate with such a hugely endowed gentleman.

"It would mean the finish of my career", she declared as she looked upon Mr O’Brien's penis in awe.

Wiki-Kum picked up £115,000 prize money for having the World's Tightest Vagina. Judges, who used 'soft' probes to select the winner, all agreed that her beautiful black-haired vagina deserves a place in the Book of Records and the Hall of Fame. She also has very small breasts.

Next years World Tightest Vagina Contest will be held in Melbourne starting on November 15th.

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